Artistic Blur – 52 Project

This week, we were given the choice of bokeh or artistic blur as our project theme.   I decided on artistic blur since it’s not a technique that I often use.  For the photos below, I did my best to create an in-camera blur.  I set my camera settings to long shutter speed, low ISO, and manual focus.  Then, launched a number of Chuckit balls to capture Xavi in a blurry, hurried retrieve.


Check out the next photographer in the blog circle, Amyranth Pet Photography – San Francisco Bay Area, CA, for some more bokeh and artistic blur photos.

52 Weeks Project:  The 52 Weeks Project (aka Project 52) group consists of professional pet photographers – all members of the Beautiful Beasties Network – that post themed photos on their blog for each week of the year.  Photos post every Friday.

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