Tails – Project 52

When it comes to communication, tails are a barometer for what a pet is feeling or messaging to another animal/person.  And in pet photography, it’s a wonderful meter to use when meeting new clients.   This is why I chose “tails” as the theme for this week’s project challenge….in addition to the fact that it’s one of my favorite body parts to photograph – they come in all shapes and sizes!

Tail straight up – interested in something up ahead52-Project-Tails-2

Tail relaxed – patiently waiting for his treat52-Project-Tails-1b

Continue on with the blog circle and visit fellow pet photographer, Emily Fuss of Emilee Fuss Photography in Sarasota, Florida.  Happy Valentine’s Day!

52 Weeks Project:  The 52 Weeks Project (aka Project 52) group consists of professional pet photographers – all members of the Beautiful Beasties Network – that post themed photos on their blog for each week of the year.  Photos post every Friday.

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